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With the proper sample preparation technique, we can isolate the glycosylated proteins from a cell or a tissue lysate and perform either a qualitative or a quantitative protein analysis. Combined with the SWATH acquisition mode, this method can yield quantitative information on every glycosylated protein in your sample! Here's an overview of the method:


  1. Protein denaturation (reduction and alkylation)
  2. Oxydation of the glycosylated residues
  3. Protein precipitation
  4. Capture of the glycosylated proteins with hydrazide beads
  5. Washes
  6. Protein digestion
  7. Peptide cleaning
  8. LC-MSMS


This method can be adapted to analyze diverse fraction of the samples. For example, after the on-bead digestion of the proteins, we could release the glycosylated peptides from the beads with an enzyme. This would enable the identification of the glycosylated sites. Click on the button below to start the discussion with our experts!

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