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Lipidomics services (infusion or LC-MS/MS)

The study of lipids has gained a lot in popularity over the last years. Through extensive research, scientists were able to link more and more lipid mediators to important health issues and central metabolic processes. Therefore, the demand for high precision and reliable lipidomics studies is growing rapidly.


High throughput lipidomics with the TripleTOF 5600

The high resolution of the TripleTOF 5600 operated at PhenoSwitch Bioscience and its MS/MS all technology enables for fast and reliable lipidomics studies without requiring chromatographic separation of the lipids prior to mass spectrometry analysis. The lack of chromatography accelerates the MS analysis a lot. Indeed, with this setup, we can analyze a different sample every 45 seconds. For you, this translates into shorter turnaround times and faster results generation.


By using the very powerful LipidView software, we are able to browse over a 25 000 lipid library to identify and quantify the lipids that were in your samples. If needed, the built-in principal component analysis algorithm of the LipidView software facilitates the study of high number of samples and provides robust identification of the lipids that vary the most between conditions. When this step is complete, we generate an easy to understand data report with everything you need to get your research to the next level.


LC-MS/MS lipidomics services

Our mass spectrometers are equipped with high performance µHPLCs. This means that we can also accommodate the lipidomics projects that need chromatographic separation of the molecules prior to the mass spec analysis.


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