The cornerstone of successful experiments is sample preparation. The products we distribute and develop are thoroughly tested and evaluated to ensure simple, efficient and reproducible sample preparation procedure.

MagResyn HILIC


Multi-mode HILIC microparticules for pre-MS sample cleanup

2 mL : 395 $

10 mL : 1250 $

5 mL : 785 $

The range of possible sample contaminants, variability in starting material & range of possible reagents for sample preparation has resulted in variability in data generated from mass spectrometry. Current methodologies and tools for sample clean-up prior to digestion and MS analysis require theuse of in-line column chromatography, desalting columns/membranes, and or packed tips for partitioning. Although some of these techniques are broadly applicable, they are not routinely automatable, or don’t provide the option for parallel processing for high-throughput. In order to fully automate clean-up we have developed a versatile magnetic mixed-mode HILIC with broad applicability for the removal of common contaminants required in the solubilization and denaturation of proteins. The use of magnetic beads are gaining in popularity due to the ability to automate clean-up procedures, reducing sample handling, and providing massively parallel sample processing.


MagReSyn® HILIC provides a highly reproducible and fully automatable solution for parallel protein sample clean-up prior to MS analysis. The product is compatible with a range of common contaminants which interfere in the generation of high quality data from MS analysis of samples.


Support : Proprietary polymer microspheres containing iron oxide (magnetite)

Binding capacity : > 100 µ

Bead size:~5-10 µm

Formulation : 20 suspension in 20% ethanol

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