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Use the power of mass spectrometry to discover new biomarkers. Our SWATH acquisition mode enables a reproducible quantification of your samples, at the MS/MS level. This means that you get to compare the whole proteome of two sets of samples, like a control sample and a disease sample, to extract the difference in the protein levels between the samples. With advanced statistics and a comprehensible data report, you're on your way to a great publication with PhenoSwitch! For more information about the SWATH acquisition mode, have a look at our blog post on the matter.


*Package description and prices coming soon. Inquire below for more information.


We can work with the following matrices :

    • Serum/Plasma
    • Tissues
    • Cells
    • Urine
    • Cerebrospinal fluid
    • Others (inquire below for more information)
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