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Mass spectrometry services




PhenoSwitch Bioscience has an extensive experience in mass spectrometry. Our experts gather more than 25 years of combined experience in academic research and drug discovery. Over time, we've developed sample preparation methods and analysis techniques for a wide variety of molecules, ranging from small molecules to intact proteins.


Our services are designed to provide our clients with an easy access to mass spec analyses that results in an easy to understand data report. Every action we take in our lab is aimed at getting your research to the next level. We also strive to get your papers published faster by providing scientifically sound results. We even help with the writing!


Choosing PhenoSwitch as your mass spectrometry services partner is choosing experts that are totally devoted to your success. Since we provide fast and accurate results, you get your research published faster and/or your drug developed sooner. Doing business with us means that you will get the best possible services, at the lowest possible cost.


Our mass spectrometers


PhenoSwitch Bioscience operates two state of the art mass spectrometers. For a more detailed explanation of the strength of each of our machines, please refer to our blog post on the subject.



Everything you need for your mass spectrometry analyses

PhenoSwitch bioscience mass spectrometry services - QTRAP 6500 +
PhenoSwitch bioscience mass spectrometry services - TripleTOF 5600

QTRAP 6500+


The QTRAP 6500+ is the latest toy coming our way. This triple quadrupole is incredibly fast, and one of the most sensitive on the market. It's incredible linear range makes it the mass spec of choice to quantify and study small molecules.

TripleTOF 5600


This mass spectrometer has an incredible resolution and sequencing depth. With the SWATH acquitision mode, this machine is ideal for any omics analyses. It already has several papers published, and is more than ready to produce some more!